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The Thing About Jane Spring

Meet Jane Spring In fact you have probably met her already. That woman who eats the world for breakfast? Yep, that’s her. This quality has made her a very successful prosecutor in the New York District Attorneys office. However she also eats men for breakfast, which has left her with a big problem. Where does she find love? Jane finds the answer watching a series of Doris Day classic movies, where sweet, adorable, Doris always gets her guy. So, what would happen if Jane imitated Doris Day head to toe? Can love really happen just like a Hollywood movie if you step into one?

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Walk of Fame

Tom Webster is a dreary nobody; nice enough, but neither a head-turner or a hell-raiser, until he’s given the opportunity to become an uber-celebrity.

The assignment: A major magazine gives Tom 30-days in which to make himself famous, using any, and they mean any, means necessary.

The pay-off: Fame, glory, and $100,000.

When the assignment spins out of control, Tom takes a wild ride on the celebrity machine with a B-list film actress who wants to be working on Shakespeare in the Park rather than her buxom physique, her slimy agent, his best friend, (who happens to have stolen his wife), a boss desperate to capitalize on Tom’s celebrity, and a fame obsessed magazine editor who wants a finished article from Tom above all else. As his level of fame escalates, Tom becomes trapped in his own lies and the cult of celebrity – while everyone around him grabs their fifteen minutes. And then, just when everything seems perfect, Tom will make the decision of his life- turning the tables on the paparazzi, the hangers on, and his scheming counterparts.

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Dracula in Dior

The Ultimate A-Z Fashion Guide for the Undead and Those Who Wish To Be. By Scarlett Stoker

Twilight. True Blood. Dracula. Vampires are hotter than the sun they don’t walk in, and why? Because they have the only two things we humans all want.
Eternal life. Eternal thinness.
Yet when it comes to style, vampires might as well stake themselves. Sure, their books sell millions and their movies pack them in, but too many are still dressing like the Count from Sesame Street. That’s why undead fashionista Scarlett Stoker has created a style guide for vampires (we’re looking at you Bella Swan), because the moment has come for the undead to abandon the clichés and embrace the runway.
A wise human once said that good clothes open all doors. And if you are a vampire, beyond those doors are a lot of necks. The devil wears Prada because it works for him. Shouldn’t Dracula and his minions do their jobs in Dior?

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